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Let’s start(er)

The basics of the starter

Let’s start(er) On Tuesday I participated to my first starter class with an eclectic and friendly group of bread amateurs. I barely knew about starters as I was always using granulated yeast when baking at my home kitchen. A starter will help your dough rise and will give it its flavour. It is made of […]

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Getting Bread is Easier than Ever!

We recently started our Home Delivery Program of fresh bread, which allowed us to get bread directly to the customer. We started off using a complicated zone map and did all the deliveries ourselves. It was hard, and not efficient in the slightest…

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Bread Zones

Sour Flour is pleased to offer free delivery of bread to its Bread Customers. With our current Customer Base of 81, we have split our delivery routes into zones.

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Sour Flour Goals

A list of goals for Sour Flour…

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Bagel Monday – September 28th

Bagel Monday is a way to start each week with a fresh start, and start it right. This last Bagel Monday I worked on a batch that had a few issues, but I learned a lot. Aside from the actual bagels, Bagel Monday is a way for me to get into a good mindset for […]

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